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Compass by Medical Ventures, Inc. is an orthopedic scheduling system. The software streamlines the process of scheduling, tracking, planning and reporting on all surgeries.

Using an iPad app, a representative schedules the procedure and the system captures all of the associated data, including the kits, the procedure involved, general patient data, the surgeon, group or hospital, and the price associated with the institution. The system also tracks all associated marketing expenses so that FDA regulations are not violated. Daily reminders show what needs to be shipped, retrieved, or moved to the next institution. The system captures all of the invoices via email, and then provides daily reconciliation of the numbers. 


OnSomble- 2013

OnSomble is committed to creating industry-leading tools that enable key decision-makers to optimize their most valuable resource: their personnel.

We are pioneers in assessing, reporting, and developing professional role competency through evidence-based management theories and skill acquisition models.

OnSomble’s core tool, OnRole, equips key decision-makers with a comprehensive system for identifying, evaluating, and developing standardized professional role behaviors that are critical to workforce success.

Healthcare organizations face unique and complex challenges, which can diminish employee effectiveness, compromise patient safety, and negatively impact several key outcomes.

OnRole HC measures professional behaviors associated with clinician specific competencies in leadership, communication, decision-making and the ability to execute.

In the clinical setting, leadership requires autonomous and effective decision-making. Thus, OnRole HC measures key processes associated with the clinician’s ability to make the right decisions concerning the patient treatment and the surrounding interactions.



With Evventus, home health care providers accurately track the status of an appointment using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Using a BLE beacon and iPhone app, caregivers are automatically checked in to and out of the Evventus system. This allows for a 100% verification rate for health care providers who would otherwise spend hours managing and tracking the status of an appointment. DevDigital is an Equity Partner in EVVentus and supplying the technology.


Kalatech- 2009 Started by DevDigital Our largest investment has been in music software business called Kalatech, which we invested in and built in 2009. Kalatech has become a rising start in the music business providing cloud based touring, booking and publishing software for over 80 firms large and small. Kalatech has been chosen by some of the top names including Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Lee Brice, and Easton Corbin.


CorrectionED-2014, IDS IDS sells secure and approved devices into prisons for music and books, the product is called CorrectionEd. DevDigital was engaged to build the software that enabled the approved digital tablets developed by Dr. Turner Nashe to interact with approved content accessible by prisoners in their cells. This is a revolutionary product offering and it will change prison educational processes and subsequently reduce recidivism around the world. The first state to adopt the combined offering is California, which started in May of 2015, and there are many other states due to go on line in the remainder of 2015 and beyond.


Instant Ad- 2012 InstantAd is a simple way to centralize advertising content, with local control of which ads to run.

InstantAd enables retailers, local and national, to automate online and off line ad designs and placements by geographic and demographic markets demands and desires. The program is designed to act a lot like the iPad interface where you simply add your text to the ad layout then move it to the appropriate layout position for either an online or off line display.


Maxx Content-2015

Maxx Content is a Learning Management System (LMS) built on a SaaS platform (software as a service) that facilitates the delivery of educational programs from major publishers through a custom platform to secure facilities, corporate environments, and educational institutions

Co-developed in partnership between IDS and DevDigital, Maxx Content is currently delivering educational programs, including Life and Trade skills, GED and College courses to inmates within prisons first within the United States and eventually on a global scale. Online Education is growing leaps and bounds because it is more efficient, less expensive and able to give those that need it the power to rebuild their lives outside of prison.

Maxx Content currently has contracts with major publishers of educational content including Cengage Learning, Harper Collins, Pearson, Wiley & Sons as well as Skillsoft. 


CoreCommerce is an affordable, comprehensive online selling platform for established businesses and entrepreneurs. Founded in 2001, the company's hosted solutions provide website templates, shopping cart services such as shipping, taxes, payments, and fulfillment. Additional services such as marketing, customer management and inventory control provide its clients the full suite of services to manage their online business. CoreCommerce provides an extraordinary, personal level of service and consulting for its clients, helping them optimize their business processes and maximize their online sales.

Deciding which projects we take on as equity projects is a hard decision. As shared there are many factors that go into making the decision. Unlike a typical venture capital firm our stake in an equity project is more than our money.

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