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Early on, we decided that DevDigital would participate in some business development opportunities by sharing in the equity of those projects that have promise—either in terms of revenue, return on investment, or both. This takes many forms- A percentage of ownership, a continuing software license in the form of percentage of revenue, and stock options in the company.

Long term, DevDigital, like many entrepreneurs, loves the idea of continuing revenue for from Equity Projects that do not require significant additional programming hours for the project to succeed. These kinds of projects are known as "Software as a Service" or “SAAS” because the software provides a service that creates ongoing revenue. The idea is to spend a set amount of time and money building a product, have people subscribe to it, and then lower the programming and marketing time, while raising the revenue side.

As with many things in life and business, this was not a grand plan greatly documented, but has happened incrementally, as we simply fell in love with some ideas and some of the leaders of the projects. We decide on whether to participate in equity projects based on:

1. Quality of the Partner. Ethics, Experience, Being realistic, Ability to Plan
2. Clarity of Ownership and expectation for an exit in reasonable time frames
3. A defined market with needs that are not met but the idea/product can meet those needs
4. Reasonable Marketing plan to reach the target market with clear value added message
5. The project is well financed with seasoned professionals

Often our investment is as in the form of discounted programming, but sometimes a small amount of cash. As part of our value of proposition we also offer facilities, web hosting services and mentoring from our network of professionals.

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