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What is web hosting?

Web hosting is essentially where a website lives. When you type in a web address to access a website, a signal is sent out to the site’s host, and that information then shows up on your screen.

Why does it matter?

Web hosting is imperative to a site’s security, search speed, conversions and maintenance.

DevDigital’s approach to web hosting

Because we own all of our servers, our hosting services are not only convenient, but they’re also top tier. The combination of our server clusters and software services means that we can both build and deploy our work on the web. We do not have to open a ticket to change or gain root access to a server, because we own them!

At DevDigital, our cloud services not only include hosting and email, but also incorporate our state of the art hardware, cutting edge server cluster setup , local backup that occurs every four hours on a daily basis, and additional backup that occurs every six hours. Our knowledge of operating systems and the hardware we own gives our clients a distinct advantage—allowing them to work through any issues in one place.

DevDigital is a thought leader in web hosting. Peter Marcum, founding partner at DevDigital also serves as a founder and chairman NashIX, the Nashville Internet Exchange. NashIX is a carrier-neutral, open-access peering network, and its localized connectivity is making Nashville’s internet faster and more affordable.

DevDigital’s servers are connected to NashIX, and all of our hosting clients are connected as well, which, in terms of speed, gives us a competitive advantage over other local web hosts.

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