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Ritesh Pancholi


Ritesh Pancholi

PHP Team Manager

Ritesh has been with DevDigital since June 2012 as a Team Manager and handling PHP division. Having more than 8 years of experience in PHP & MySQL, Open Source frameworks, Team Management, Project Management and developing customized business solutions.

After earning BCS(Bachelor of Computer Science) and MCA(Master of Computer Application), he joined Proses India where he acted as key person to handle company's all technical & generic operations to expand company's business by providing customized solutions to different clients from US, Latin America, India and strengthen the company to work on different horizons of the IT industry.

Ritesh is IBM DB2 certified professional and loves to learn new technologies, study & analyse latest trends of software industry and applies them in his professional life for betterment of company & his personal growth. He also works on engaging employees in different activities which can enhance company's working environment and boost employees morale which can help them in their professional life.

Outside of DevDigital, Ritesh likes to do social work and helps needy people. Currently he resides in Baroda with his wife Priyanka, who also works in DevDigital as QA engineer, and her beautiful daughter Aarya.

Here is the visual presentation of his overall professional career:



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