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In addition to a creative design, every website needs strong web development to ensure reliable functionality and proper response. Web development is essentially the programming of the functionality of a website. This includes page direction, web response and how the site processes information that the end user needs. 

DevDigital is the leading web development company in Nashville. As a custom development shop, we have tackled a wide array of web development ventures, and believe that every project is unique—thus our intake and set-up process is geared to meet varying needs. By taking the time to discuss a client’s needs, we establish a strong foundation of the project from the beginning, making sure that that all of your requirements are met, and that your web project operates seamlessly.

The vast majority of our work is built on an open source code base. While we can integrate most middleware solutions, our development philosophy is to build native and open source solutions so that our clients do not have to rely on middleware license fees. That is why our development platforms are based on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP—known industry-wide as a LAMP stack.

We also own and control all of our servers, which are built around the same cluster system as the top facilities at Amazon and Google. With superb connectivity and the utmost security, all of our clients’ data is backed up six times daily.

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