DevDigital’s Client uses Top Skills to Improve Customer Experience

April 7, 2016

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Posted by: Grant Owens

DevDigital’s Client uses Top Skills to Improve Customer Experience

One of DevDigital’s clients is a great example of utilizing creativity and emotional intelligence in business practices. Experience International is “a consulting firm dedicated to improving customer experience worldwide, enhancing organizations through the creation of The Experience and brand ambassadors.” By focusing on developing a positive experience, companies are setting themselves up for success. Emotional trust is built when companies seek to provide the best experience possible for their clients.

Experience International is centered on the belief that the customer’s experience is a defining factor in their willingness to spread the word about your business. Once customers have the best experience possible, they are likely to become Brand Ambassadors and spread the word about your company.

In order to help companies create an exceptional experience, they have developed an "Experience Hierarchy" :

  • Level One - Toxic
  • Level Two - Average
  • Level Three - Good
  • Level Four - Great
  • Level Five – Exceptional

Experience International has an online Experience Quotient that they can administer to help you find your point of origin. Once you know where your company stands, you can work with Experience International’s trainers to utilize algorithmic recommendations and analytics to move up a level on the 5 Levels Experience Hierarchy. By advancing even one level, your customer’s experiences will drastically improve. The results lead to personnel retention, customer retention, and new customer acquisition.

DevDigital has been hard at work to help companies like Experience International tell their story through their website. Contact us today to see how we can help your company develop an exceptional web presence!

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Danielle Torrez

April 8, 2016

Thanks for such a great article. We are so grateful for everything you all do to make our website, testing and training analytics so successful!

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