Local SEO tools to take your strategy to the next level in 2022

October 31, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Local SEO tools to take your strategy to the next level in 2022

Local SEO requires more work than simply adding your company to internet directories and obtaining a few citations. Things are a little more challenging now that the competition is fierce. Fortunately, there are several useful tools for local SEO that may improve your online presence. With these tools, you can track rankings, keep an eye on performance, promote consumer interaction, and get competitive data all in one spot. In this article, we've included a list of some of the top tools for local SEO.

Try out one or a few tools to achieve your company's goals more swiftly and simply. A powerful local SEO solution should include everything, from keyword research to listing administration and all in between. The tools mentioned below, each with its own unique feature set, cover all of your simple and complicated SEO requirements.

DevDigital is a service that aids in the creation of plans using local SEO technologies to launch the business to new heights. Let's look at a few local SEO tools.

Local SEO tools to uplift business

Google Business

One of the most crucial local marketing tools for your company is Google My Business. You may communicate with clients through GMB posts, inquiries, and responses to their reviews. Utilizing the Google Business Profile Manager interface makes managing your profile extremely simple. You may check a summary of your performance, including how many phone calls and messages you receive, website clicks, reservations, etc.

The performance section lists all the Google Search and Google Maps queries that your potential customers use to find your company profile. Consider it a brief picture that provides prospective clients with the information they require to move forward with a business transaction with you. Your company name, operating hours, list of services, list of products, reviews, and practically all the information that customers want to see will be kept here. The setup and use of Google Business Profile are free. It is adaptable, and any business owner may take initiative in managing their company's messaging and online evaluations.

SEMrush Management

One of the most well-known tools for SEO and search analytics is SEMrush. Insights into website traffic, keyword data, and other helpful SEO statistics are provided in-depth and are actionable. SEMrush is essentially a collection of SEO tools, including ones for keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor monitoring. Make sure to use SEMrush's listing management tool to improve your website's local SEO.

Using the program is a simple way to add and update the details of your company in reliable web directories. You may follow and amend these listings after they are posted to make sure they are correct. The SEMrush toolset has a wide range of potential applications. Even while the free tool offers you some understanding of where your company stands in relation to current listings, we adore how the subscription account—which is fairly priced—helps take things to the next level. The site is simple to use and guides you through all of the essential processes.


Ahrefs is a completely local and organic SEO solution in comparison to the other tools on the list. You may find out a lot about your website by doing backlink intelligence research, auditing it, looking at your rivals, monitoring your internet ranking, and evaluating it again. Ahrefs can be the best option if you want everything taken care of. We believe that Ahrefs will enhance your local SEO ranking despite its high cost because it boasts a huge toolset that is certain to improve both your onsite and offsite SEO. Additionally, having everything in one location is a great small time-saver.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console assists in making sure that your website is optimized for mobile use and is Google-friendly. It's a fantastic tool for your company's on-page and off-page SEO. You can control and keep track of your company's Google search presence with the Search Console service. You can observe what people search for when they click on your listing thanks to this useful site.

To assess how you come across to nearby local clients and any potential to raise your organic traffic and overall keyword ranks, you may even filter the results to "local keyword search." By using this tool, you may see the world through the eyes of your searcher and discover a number of opportunities. This is a great and simple tool that enables you to check what terms people are using to reach you. It can really help you and your business is free and connects to your Google Analytics account. This is necessary for every business and website, similar to Google Business Profile.

One tool may not always be sufficient. Choose a combination of technologies that best suit your marketing efforts after deciding on your business's objectives. If you're searching for a product that offers a comprehensive local SEO solution, especially when it comes to tool optimization, get in touch with DevDigital right away to see how they can support your company.

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