Why intrapreneurship is vital to company growth and longevity

May 29, 2014

Posted by: John Maddox

Why intrapreneurship is vital to company growth and longevity

Until recently, employees with a great idea to solve an industry problem often were faced with having to leave their job to bootstrap a startup. While being experts in their field, most have never built a business from scratch, and get overwhelmed with all the hats required to grow a startup.

Enter Intrapreneurship

Thankfully, as acceptance of technology has grown, not to mention how quickly pivots need to be made, many corporations are starting to latch onto the concept of “intrapreneurship”. Helping their employees take an idea from start to finish and turn into a profitable business extension. This enables vital expertise and vision to be coupled with funding, potential clients, mentorship, and a plethora of other opportunities which make bootstrapped startup founders green with envy.

Now why is intrapreneurship so vital to company growth and longevity?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. As a business leader, you become consumed with time imperative decisions, negotiations, client demands and managing day to day activities. You have hired employees to handle day to day operations and removed the need to focus on individual tasks. Therefore the ability to identify easier and better ways to operate is often removed, and basic logic supports the argument that they will be the ones to find superior ways to improve productivity.

Without leveraging the imagination, professional experience, entrepreneurial fire and ambition to grow beyond just being a cog in the business wheel, as the demand for new business solutions to be developed, tested and implemented grows, those leaders who do not utilized their assets in this manner are destined to be left behind.

Call To Intrapreneurial Action

Acceptance of this reality by business leaders has led to a plethora of improvements, new companies and significant advancements in both technology and normal human existence. However, it ultimately falls upon those with ideas to strap on the entrepreneurial spirit, take the time to define their idea with logic not emotion, and approach leaders inside the company with confidence about how their idea can provide competitive advantage and ROI.

So consider this a call to action for both business executives and those with great ideas coupled with true ambition. Open your minds to the opportunities staring you in the face on both sides. Reward ambition. Subjugate ego. Make a difference. Outthink the competition together. The sky's the limit!


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