The Razor and The Slogan

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May 06 2014
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About 8 years ago, I hired a new animator for my team who had come from Electronic Arts (Need for Speed, Lord of the Rings, Titanfall, Tiger Woods, Madden). In his first couple weeks he emailed me a slideshow from a presentation that he attended when EA was training its teams on methods of pre-production (what should be at least one-third of your development time, but that’s the story of a different post). EA was training their teams on more productive and efficient ways to think about the product they were making. They decided there were two parts to any top project that they needed to align. They called these two parts “the Razor” and “the Slogan.” The Razor is what defines the product internally. The Slogan is what communicates the essence of the product to the audience.  The Razor For the team, the most important thing to have is a solid Razor. The key is to start with the Core– ...

DevDigital launches Kalatech, its Music Business Software Division.

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Apr 24 2014
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DevDigital launches Kalatech, its Music Business Software Division.

Today, DevDigital announces they have launched kalatech, a new company to take on the rapid expansion and adoption of their music business software products. The three kalatech products are Booking Agency Pro, Publishing Pro and Tour Pro; all help facilitate valuable information needed in real-time for efficient operations management. Kalatech has seen an increase in music industry professionals behind the scenes utilizing these vital, all-inclusive digital tools to manage their artist bookings, writer catalogs and tour logistics. Kalatech, has spent five years quietly under the radar developing their current products and growing their roster to over 40 clients. One of the first adoptees, Tony Conway, president of Conway Entertainment, LLC., understood the need for a program where data was transparent to his agents, artists, and various managers whether they were on the road or at. ...




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