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Peter Marcum


Peter Marcum

Managing Partner

Peter Marcum has a long history of growing businesses related to technology. He started in the Tech field by personally coding a Public Housing Software program that he sold in the 1980’s. Marcum moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1990 as the owner of Computerland of Nashville, Birmingham, and Huntsville. Computerland specialized in LAN / WAN technology and was sold in 2005.

In 1995, Marcum founded Nashville Computer Liquidators and developed it into a $100M business that he sold in 2000. He then co-founded Essex Technology Group / Bargain Hunt stores and helped build it to a large online reseller that now operates 46 retail stores (and growing) in the southeast. Majority control of the company was sold in November 2015 to TH Lee, a Boston Private Equity firm.

In 2003, Marcum formed and was CEO of WV Fiber, a National Fiber network specializing in wholesale bandwidth sales in 18 US and 5 EU colocation centers. WV Fiber’s customers included Charter Cable, home users in 5 states, Akamai, and others. The network was built using equipment that was originally purchased by the Enron Broadband Network and sold at its bankruptcy proceedings.

UseNetServer, a subsidiary with 35,000 online customers, was built across a 4 year span and then sold in 2007. UseNet was an early lesson for Marcum in how to operate a large-scale SAAS business online. WV Fiber was sold in 2008 and a small programming business was retained, which evolved into DevDigital.

DevDigital, LLC was formed in 2008 and is currently a growing software developer in Nashville.  Marcum oversees the organization's growth by leveraging its unique business models. The unique business models of DevDigital include software as a service (SAAS), equity ventures, partnerships, and work for hire.

Marcum and DevDigital are equity partners in various projects, ranging from 10% to fully owned. Usually, they are managed as separate LLCs and are cash flow positive. Examples are orthopedic distribution software for Depuy distributors (Compass), music business software for booking, touring and publishing (Kalatech), prison education and eBook licenses developed for California and other locations (Maxx Content), and an eCommerce SAAS platform (CoreCommerce). There are currently more equity partnerships being developed. These have separate staff, but share the server farm owned by DevDigital.

As of April 2016, DevDigital has a staff of 18 in Nashville, TN and 65 in the Baroda, India subsidiary. DevDigital has completed hundreds of projects—ranging from small projects to large undertakings. 


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