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Mobile Apps Are More Important Now Than Ever Before…

Your buyers are searching for answers from mobile platforms.
If you are not there, you won't be found!

More and more people are turning to their mobile devices. Last year, more searches were done on mobile devices than desktops. Business has now been condensed down to an "App" as the means of consumer and B2B engagement experiences of choice. At DevDigital, we have built hundreds upon hundreds of mobile apps. We’ve worked with top retailers, restaurants, healthcare companies, and small businesses. Regardless of your industry, we are prepared to deliver you a mobile application that enhances your customers’ engagement experience.

Why Should Your Business Have A Mobile App?

According to studies done between Forbes and Forrester Research, there are numerous reasons for every business owner to have one or more mobile business app. These reasons include:

  1.      In 2015, the majority of consumer trends moved from desktop to mobile devices when conducting online searches
  2.      Mobile Apps can be used as Enterprise Applications
  3.      Mobile Apps enable you to be visible to customers at all times
  4.      Mobile Apps help you build brand recognition
  5.      Mobile Apps help improve customer engagement
  6.      Mobile Apps help you stand out from your competitors
  7.      Mobile Apps help you create customer loyalty
  8.      Mobile Apps provide extended value to your customers
  9.      Mobile Apps cultivate customer loyalty

Our experienced developers and designers know all of the devices and operating languages backwards and forwards. We can take any idea or business proposition and deliver it right into the palm of your customers' hands seamlessly.

Advantages of Apps

  • Can be used offline
  • Uses push notifications to instantly alert its users
  • Excellent performance times and easy to use
  • Utilizes the features that phones have built into them (including the camera and fingerprint features) for added security

Types of Apps

  • Apps targeted towards customers that hit the App Store (external use)
  • Business Apps that are deployed directly to a company’s employees to ensure efficiency (internal use)
  • Apps with new approaches to streamline a company’s processes (external or internal)

Let DevDigital help you propel your business presence into the hands and hearts of your customers.  Call us or fill out the web inquiry form today!

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