Locals love Nashville. Visitors love Nashville. Your data will love Nashville, too. If you're from here, you've got a secure place to host your data right around the corner. If you're not from here, you've got a great excuse to visit the capital of country music.

You have options for hosting your data: You can do it yourself in your own facility. You can use a national service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Or you can allow DevDigital to securely host your data in our Nashville-based data center.

We have strategic partnerships with NashIX, Peace Communications and Cloudflare, which keep bandwidth open, so you never have to worry about visitor traffic slowing down your website. Plus, DevDigital's systems are hot-swappable, meaning that except in rare cases, problems can be fixed without downtime. We're resourceful technologists always ready to help keep your business running full speed ahead.

Tier 1 Data Facility
  • PCI, HIPAA and SOC compliant
  • Connected to 2 separate power grids
  • AC/DC/Diesel generators on-site
  • 24/7/365 Multilayer security access and monitoring
  • 100% Uptime SLA
Our Equipment
  • Fully redundant operations (power, hardware and connectivity)
  • Redundant, secure on-and-off backup maintenance
  • AC/DC/Diesel generators on-site
  • Full security and systems monitoring, patching and maintenance
Intelligent Network Platform

Cloudflare is an Internet accelerator that enhances web performance and security, making it faster, more secure and more reliable as a service. Cloudflare offers limitless scalability and is always online.

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