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Order up higher profits, a packed house and customer engagement. That's just a sample of what's on our menu for restaurants and bars.

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Keeping an eye on profits.

What if we said that any bar or restaurant could keep tabs on every liquor drink served? DevDigital created a custom mobile app that allows managers and owners to weigh every bottle of liquor and-based on the bottle maker's weight -determine precisely the number of drinks that should have been charged into their point-of-sale system.

New revenue through bar seat reservations
New revenue through bar seat reservations.

You offer a weekly lineup of music that packs the house nightly-but you only charge for drinks. That is the literally the equivalent of leaving money on the table. We helped a popular jazz and blues nightclub generate additional profits by creating online table reservations that charge for guaranteed seating.

When pigs fly
When pigs fly.

Just because we're technologists doesn't mean we don't have a sense of humor. When the owner of a famous BBQ joint asked DevDigital to engage patrons with their brand off-premise, we did the obvious-we built a mobile gaming app with flying pigs!

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