From remembering birthdays to improving farming machinery, our tech-focused minds think of it all. If we can do this for them, imagine what we could do for you.

Downloads without WiFi
Downloads without WiFi?

A statewide prison system wanted to provide inmates with eBooks on tablets. However, they didn't want prisoners to have access to the Internet. DevDigital accomplished the impossible and created an ingenious method that allowed prisoners the ability to download tens of thousands of titles of top publishers without ever touching WiFi.

Thoughtfully convenient
Thoughtfully convenient.

Admit it. You've missed a birthday or an anniversary, or possibly even both! Thanks to DevDigital that's a thing of the past. At the request of an enterprising client, we built an online service that will always remember for you. Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, graduations and more are now worry-free. You can even set trigger dates to automatically send cards, order flowers and gifts or make dinner reservations.

Harvesting efficiency
Harvesting efficiency.

While farm machinery has gotten more efficient, farm operations have remained status quo. Workers are sent out in the morning with specific tasks, and updates are received at the end of the day. Thanks to DevDigital, farm operators can now use a custom-built platform to deploy job changes, tasks and vehicle maintenance reminders to field workers. They respond in real time and then document and take pictures of the completed task and everything is stored in the cloud.

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