OnSomble has been working with DevDigital for three years. Our cloud-based software product line is dependent upon having excellent design, sound execution, and timely support, and DevDigital has consistently delivered in each of those three phases. While our relationship would legally be defined as an outsourced one, we consider DevDigital a part of our team and often reference them as "our software team" to our clients. In fact, we go to DevDigital not just for technical needs, but also for discussions of product strategy and marketplace presentation. DevDigital is more than a vendor; they are our partner.

Shawn Mathis

Founder of OnSomble, LLC

We signed on with DevDigital about three years ago, and have had nothing short of an excellent experience! From website design to updates, maintenance, innovation, and upgrades - everything has been handled perfectly and in an extremely timely and effective manner. We honestly couldn’t be more pleased! Straightforward, easy to work with, affordable, and efficient. Needless to say, we trust the guys at DevDigital completely, and highly recommend them!

Peter and Kristin Demos

Owners of Demo’s Restaurant

There was definitely a learning curve! We were surprised to learn how much we didn’t know about development, but the DevDigital team created a dialogue that helped us drill down to the details of our vision. Our goal was to create a product that was easy as possible to use, without sacrificing any functionality. It’s one thing to throw ideas up in the air, but another to actually take those ideas and turn them into a working product that addresses a real need. Communication between us and DevDigital was great, and that’s the most important factor in keeping things moving forward.

Pierce Schubert

Co-Founder Time Miner

Three words come to mind when I think of DevDigital.

Effectiveness: The site they built for us works better than we had hoped for.

Efficiency: What they built, they were able to do a very reasonable cost due to their operating efficiency.

Integrity: They are true to their word

Dr. Jeff Cornwall

CEO, Entrepreneurial Mind LLC.

From my first meeting with the people at DevDigital I was excited about the possibilities. They helped me envision some long range goals and options for my website and business that I hadn't even considered. They were understanding with all my questions and worked diligently to understand my needs and craft a website I would love. I have gotten wonderful feedback from people visiting my new site and they continue to stay attentive to me and any questions I have as I get underway with using and managing my site.

Cindy Sullivan

Cindy B. Sullivan Consulting & Organizing.

Amazing people and really did a nice job with our website redesign and development.

John Schaffhouser

Owner Schaffhouser Electric

They are the acting IT partner on my startup. I'm so lucky . . . every day is fruitful and fun. A great place to be.

Tom Brannon

Compliance Umbrella

If I could give DevDigital more stars, I would. Incredible, creative, brilliant talented team provides skillful, insightful, professional assessment of client's needs, taking time to get to know & understand their clients and personalizing services by creating unique ways to meet each client's goals. As if all of that wasn't enough: Bonus: Everyone at DevDigital is fantastic to work with!

Deborah Russell

Peg Leg Porker

LaborLinc is a better way to vertically integrate processes required while managing a part time workforce. For example, part-time employees no longer have to rely on post-it notes, text messages, or notebooks to keep up with their shift information. LaborLinc simplifies this process of managing part-time employees’ work to easily have access to this information in one organized place. An important lesson that we learned during the development of LaborLinc was that sometimes you don’t want what you ask for, but you don’t know it until you get it. It’s important to be ready and to be willing for some back and forth during the development process. However, creating new things is not an easy task. The result was with the effort and expense. We are happily working on Phase 2 and planning Phase 3. We have better insight into our own business’ needs and goals along with more realistic expectations and a desire to create a better product after working with the DevDigital team!

Richard Amend

Founder - LaborLinc /Convention Production (CP) Rigging