If you’re shopping around for better tech, try our expertise on for size. We’ll help you manage SKUs, handle online ordering and even host a virtual auction.

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30 million SKUs? Are you crazy?

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where a client asks you to build a system that can manage 30 million SKUs. Now imagine that the situation is real. For one of the nation's largest discount retail outlets, DevDigital developed a custom enterprise system that could manage what few multimillion dollar ERPs could only dream of doing.

Going, going, gone
Going, going, gone.

How do you move mountains of closeout and surplus items? You hold an auction-an online auction that is. We worked with a traditional, family-owned auction company and moved their operations online. The result? The once traditional auction company has embraced the pivot and recently celebrated its 10 millionth online bid.

Geo-fencing mobile orders
Geo-fencing mobile orders.

Placing a pickup order for your favorite wine or spirits online is convenient. Having someone from the store great you at your car with your order is brilliant! We built a mobile app that not only allows you to place orders, but also uses geo-fencing technology to inform store employees when it’s time to take your order outside.

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