Technologies/Languages/Tools​ ​We​ ​Support​ ​in​ ​App​ ​Development

Development AreaTechnologies/Languages/Tools
App Development
- iPhone/iPad App Development
- Android/Android Tablet Application Development
Objective-C (iOS)
Android Java (Android)

With above languages, we are using core frameworks provided in SDK for iOS and Android apps development.
Data Storage Techniques SQLite - App Local Database (iOS + Android)
Core Data (iOS)
Local Storage (iOS + Android)
Development Tools + Utilities XCode - Latest Version (iOS)
Android Studio - Latest Version (Android)
Postman (iOS + Android)
SourceTree (iOS + Android)
SQLite Browser (iOS + Android)
Key Features Bluebamboo Bluetooth Printer Integration (iOS)
Gimbal Beacons Integration (iOS + Android)
PHY Beacons Integration (iOS + Android)
Bluetooth Weighing Scale Integration (iOS + Android)
Dependency Manager CocoaPods (iOS)
Gradle (Android)
Payment Gateways (iOS + Android)
PayPal (Native SDK + REST API) (iOS + Android)
Stripe (iOS + Android)
NMI (iOS + Android)
Google Wallet (iOS + Android)
Social Networking SDK Integration Dealing with almost all famous social media integration with iOS and Android apps both.

i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Four Square, Tumblr, Flicker etc.
Other Core Features Push Notification (iOS + Android)
Map Integration (iOS + Android)
Direction and Place API (iOS + Android)
In App Purchase (iOS + Android)
Contacts Integration (iOS + Android)
Core Bluetooth API Integration (iOS + Android)
Camera / Gallery Integration (iOS + Android)
Audio and Video Framework Integration (iOS + Android)
Chat Feature Integration (iOS + Android)
Message Kit + Call Kit Integration (iOS)
Other Third-Party SDK Integration Google Analytics (iOS + Android)
Crashlytics (iOS + Android)
Answers (iOS + Android)
Firebase (iOS + Android)
AdMob (iOS + Android)
Sinch (iOS)
Layer SDK (iOS)
QuickBlox (iOS)
Digits (iOS + Android)
MapBox (iOS + Android)
PubNub (iOS + Android)
Google Charts (iOS + Android)
Butterknife (Android)
External Data Console Bullhorn (iOS + Android)
Ring Central (iOS + Android)
We would be able to retrieve data from any kind of external console which provides REST API or SDK to deal with their data.
Source Control Mechanism SVN
Git (BitBucket)
Encryption AES-256 Bit Encryption for Sensitive Information (iOS + Android)
AES-128 Bit Encryption (iOS + Android)
Agile Methodology JIRA
API Data Transaction REST API (XML, JSON, etc.) (iOS + Android)
SOAP API (iOS + Android)
Authentication Flow HTTP Basic Authentication
One Time Password
OAuth 2.0
Coding Standards + Best Practices API Controller Versioning
App Versioning
Proper Naming Convention + Code Commenting
Token Mechanism for API Access
Chrome Application Development Chrome Web App being converted from Android App source code.

Note : For Chrome Apps – As a code behind language we are using Android-Java and converting the Android-Java Code to Chrome Web application code using ARC Welder(Beta) app. Arc Welder is still in beta mode and only allow us to use few core features till date.
Minimum Supported OS Version (on Feb 2017) iOS 8.0
Android 4.3.2

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