Tech Specification

Tools We Use In QA

Our Services Technologies/Tools We Give Support for Manual /Automation Testing in QA
Types of Testing
- End-to-End Functional Testing
- GUI Testing
- Compatibility Testing
- Cross browser Testing
- Usability Testing
- Mobile Testing
- Platform Testing
- Responsive Testing
- Load Testing
- Security Testing
- Automation
- API Testing

Types of App Testing Support
- Android Apps
- iOS Apps
Manual Testing: We are checking sites on all latest supported browsers of Windows & Mac OS.
Visual UI Testing tool:

Bug Tracking Tools: DevTracker (DevDigital’s Own Product), JIRA, Trello.

Tools used for Automation Testing
For Web: Eclipse & Selenium Webdriver.
Scripting Language: JAVA

Performance (LOAD) Testing Tools: Loadrunner & Jmeter.

Security Testing Tool: PortSwigger Web Security (Burp Suite), OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner.

Test Case Management Tools: Quality Center, Microsoft Excel, Zeta Test Management.

API Testing: Postman

Android / iOS Apps Testing: We are checking Apps in Latest Android /iOS Devices.
Database Testing - MySQL latest version.
- Able to perform database testing if client requires.
Domain Knowledge
- Healthcare
- BFS (Banking & Financial Services)
- eCommerce
- Retail
- Supply Chain Management
- Mobile & Telecom
- Our QA team is capable of performing testing on all mentioned domain websites. Prepared to work on other domains which are not listed.
Payment Gateways -
- PayPal (Payments Pro, Express Checkout, Payments Standard, Payflow Pro)
- Vantive
- Stripe

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