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The Home Depot - Logo
The Home Depot desired a centralized creation of an in store circular copy for products, but allowing for localized ad selection. This program is live in all 2,800 stores in the US and Canada. Includes Spanish and French versions.
Grand Avenue - Logo
We helped Grand Avenue create an integrated system tying a stand-alone vehicle management system, to a web site and 4 apps, with data moving in both directions. The systems allows quoting and management of data for clients asking for quotes and reservations.
DepuySynthesis - Logo
The Dupuy system allows a distributor to control all data for surgeons and procedure locations. The system schedules procedures, sets aside the inventory (kits) for that procedure and its next hospital destination. Additionally the system handles expense tracking allowed for doctors, company announcement and events scheduled for physician education on products. Also, the system captures the PO, then invoice the detail, by individual part number.
Premedics - Logo
Premedics Systems monitors compliance for defibrillators (AEDS). This systems tracks monthly battery checks, status of trained personnel, and pad and battery life. Status emails are sent daily to a hierarchal and defined management group. Premedic’s employees can see individual AED status and follow up. Additionally, location apps were built for the IPhone and Android, allowing crowd sourcing of AED locations, when they are needed.
Tour Pro
Our software provides road managers and crew the ability to manage their artist's tour from anywhere. It is the perfect solution for coordinating the artist, band, production, crew, and drivers, while keeping management, public relations, promoters and the record label in the loop.

Booking Agency Pro
Our software provides a web-based, real time solution for booking agencies of all sizes to manage their artists. The program encompasses all aspects of the booking cycle including making offers, managing contracts, tracking deposits, and business reporting that includes the traditional routing sheet, an artist itinerary and more.
Publishing Pro
Our software provides publishers with all the tools they need to track their songwriters & catalogs from anywhere with internet connection, and not just the office. Once songs are in the catalog manager, employees can manage administrative rights, and ownership of the song. >From there the system keeps track of that song's lifecycle.
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