Dev Digital set to launch new offices in GB

The Freeport News | Jan 25, 2019

Dev Digital set to launch new offices in GB

Leading software and web development company, Dev Digital, is about to launch its first office in Grand Bahama.

Representatives from Dev Digital in conjunction with the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) held a press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in Grand Bahama on Wednesday (January 16) to share details of the launch.

Minister of State for Grand Bahama in the Office Prime Minister, Senator J. Kwasi Thompson expressed that Dev Digital’s launch is another step forward in the government’s mandate to transform Grand Bahama into a technology hub.

“Today is another good day in Grand Bahama,” said Thompson.

Dev Digital has taken advantage of the Commercial Enterprise Act to operate a full software firm in The Bahamas.

“They are now in the final step to operation which is the obtaining of the Grand Bahama Port Authority License,” he added.

Thompson noted that the government is very comfortable with the level of business that the company provides.

Senator Thompson expressed that the government is pleased that Dev Digital chose to come to Grand Bahama.

He also announced the newly formed Investment Unit in the OPM will make the investment process easier. “It is an arm of the Bahamas Investment Authority and they have already begun processing investment applications,” said Sen. Thompson.

Speaking to services the company will be providing, CEO and founder of DEV Digital, Peter Marcum said they are looking forward to the launch.

Marcum revealed that he had been visiting The Bahamas for many years and eventually decided to establish offices in the country.

He informed that they also have offices in India and Zambia.

Marcum described the company’s overall duties as an automating process, which is what they have been doing for about 10 years with the 1,000 clients they have acquired.

“We also do a lot of equity projects,” he added.

He noted that they also run educational software in various prisons for nine states in the U.S. and have an e-commerce business.

“We see this as a possible jumping off point to other places,” he said, adding that The Bahamas is an ideal location as a regional catalyst.

DEV Digital Executive Burton Rodgers added that the company officials are very excited to be here and wants to help persons start their business.

He revealed that they are looking to staff their business with about 15-20 persons.

Dev Digital Bahamas is looking forward to bringing its innovative software solutions to the Caribbean and has already signed clients including Global Sun Integration and CaribNation.

With the establishment of the tech hub Rev Digital is pleased to join the government’s initiative to create and foster the growth of jobs, education and entrepreneurial opportunities both in Grand Bahama and The Bahamas in general.

Dev Digital Bahamas believes in building business equity with its partners and already has identified exciting opportunities in the country that will benefit all concerned. Collectively, the group has developed proprietary educational software. Beyond cutting edge education, management, and leaning software, the company has facilitated dozens in business to develop secure e-commerce platforms.

In 2016 Dev Digital launches Kernel Equity as a mechanism to invest in projects for education, health care, regulatory compliance, music and other opportunities.

With this in mind they look forward to offering innovative ways to help grow companies that need more than just finances by providing technical knowledge, developmental experience and capital.

Dev Digital Bahamas will have offices in Grand Bahama and New Providence that cater to U.S. based and regional clients.

Founded in 2008, Dev Digital is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

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