4 Essentials to Increase Conversions

August 18, 2014

Posted by: Grant Owens

4 Essentials to Increase Conversions

“I need to increase traffic to the website!”

If sales aren’t coming in quickly, this might be the first thing you think. After all, more traffic equals more sales, right?

Not necessarily.

Not all traffic is created equal. If you spend a lot of time and effort (and money) on generating traffic, but attract the wrong audience, you’ve wasted the opportunity. More importantly, if you attract the right audience, it’s essential that they take certain actions once they land on your website.

While good SEO and social media presence can generate traffic to the website, once visitors are there, you need to pay attention to how you’re interacting with them. There are certain things you must have if you want customers to take action.


It seems so simple, and yet CTAs (calls-to-action) are often overlooked or poorly designed. Visitors can’t read your mind, and what you want them to do may not be so obvious.

Buttons that instruct them to “Download App” or “Sign Up for The Newsletter” are essential to conversions. Well-designed CTAs can exponentially increase conversions and keep your customers moving through your sales funnel.

Landing Pages

After the visitor clicks on the button, it should take them to a landing page. Many companies just toss them to a generic contact form, but a well crafted landing page that fulfills the promise of the CTA is a much more elegant choice.

The landing page should be simple, but still combine company branding with fulfilling the promise you made to the customer. Make sure there’s a place for the visitor to submit their contact info so you can follow up and close the sale.


Ideally, the form on your landing page deposits information directly into your CRM. From here you can segment the customers and target them according to their preferences.

Be careful with your follow up marketing efforts, though. Too much marketing will turn a prospect into an outspoken enemy.

Email List

Once you have all of your visitor’s information, it’s time to start emailing. Seth Godin calls email marketing “permission marketing,” because by giving you their email address, the prospect as agreed to let you contact them.

There’s a lot out on the Internet about how to do email marketing well. And it’s all pretty contradictory. Ultimately, you know you’re customers better than anyone. You’re the best judge of what they will tolerate from marketing and what they won’t.

Here at DevDigital, we’re experts in optimizing your site for conversions. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk over some solutions for you.


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