Building Something is Only Half the Requirement

May 20, 2014

Posted by: Peter Marcum

Building Something is Only Half the Requirement

Many organizations call us looking for a quote on building something for them. Most of the time people think they can simply tell us what they want and expect us to simply build it. In order to build something that does something we have to ask a lot of questions so we can understand what is supposed to be accomplished. Building something is the easy part. Understanding what it needs to do is the hard part. Most of the time people don’t think about what technology needs to or can do.

Technology has become a dominant force in today’s marketplace. It is a force of innovation that can transform intangible things into tangible results. Anyone can build you a web site or you can simply buy a template from WordPress for $50 and do it yourself. Building things with technology has become a commodity and anyone with basic skills can build things using the latest and greatest technology. But building things is only half of the requirement. Creating things that transform processes, that makes people’s jobs easier, that creates competitive advantages and enables a return on investment requires a lot more than just technology skills.

The Other Half of Building Value….

Technology needs to enable value creation for everyone using it. Everyone might include suppliers, employees, distributors, customers and prospective-customers.

To insure that technology is built to create ongoing value takes systemic thinking skills about business processes and the dynamics of the market you aim to serve. The cost of technology is going down while the value of resources that can help you create more value is priceless.

At DevDigital we do more than meet half of the requirements. We aim to help people and their organizations create more value from building the right things for the right reason.

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