Changing the game: Healthcare Industry

December 21, 2018

Posted by: Grant Owens

Changing the game: Healthcare Industry

Change is imminent in all aspects of life thanks to technology.

No matter what avenue of life you’re in, the developments of technology have somehow had an impact on your life in one way or another. Some are minor (the ability to call transportation with the touch of a button) and some are major (the fact that your cell phone is now a computer).

Of course, one of the biggest advances in technology come in an avenue that we’re all affected in; the medical field. These have had a positive impact on the world we live in. Access to information on certain diseases and cures can be found with some savvy search engine research. The devices physicians and nurses have access to have helped improved overall health over the past decade or so.

However, they’ve also brought some negative effects, most notably the cost.

“Health care spending in the U.S. continues to rise. It’s now over $3.5 trillion in the U.S., representing 18% of GDP. What’s more, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services predicts that it will surpass 20% of GDP by 2025. Meanwhile, for the first time in 2017, health care sector employment surpassed that of both retail and manufacturing,” an article on Lexology stated, where members of  Proskauer and Deloitte met with healthcare industry leaders.

“This growth in spending and industry employment has been accompanied by an increase in the amount and speed of capital coming into the sector. In 2017, both health care and overall private equity deal values surged to the highest levels since 2007. Health care deals comprised 18% of the number of deals, representing $43 billion in value.”

DevDigital is here to help navigate some of the rising costs that many face, as we are looking to also make a difference in the healthcare industry as well with some of our digital platforms by helping those plan ahead. DevMedical is an online database that’s part of our COMPASS software where patients have a variety of options to help prepare procedures ahead of time.

Compass explains that, “Using an iPad app, a representative schedules the procedure and the system captures all of the associated data, including the kits, the procedure involved, general patient data, the surgeon, group or hospital, and the price associated with the institution. The system also tracks all associated marketing expenses so that FDA regulations are not violated. Daily reminders show what needs to be shipped, retrieved, or moved to the next institution. The system captures all of the invoices via email, and then provides daily reconciliation of the numbers.”

Those who are more interested in learning more about DevMedical and possibly signing up can go here.



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