Client Spotlight: Bavarian Bierhaus

December 21, 2020

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Client Spotlight: Bavarian Bierhaus

Bavarian Bierhaus specializes in German beer and German cuisine. If a cold hefeweizen and a bratwurst are your jam, then this is the place for you! We gave their website an overhaul and also help with their SEO efforts, focusing on various keywords to help separate them from a competitive area in which they are located in Opry Mills.

The most important and noticeable feature is the online menu and ordering system. This convenience allows patrons to order online and pick up their food curbside. This increased business for the restaurant at a time when dining inside was not allowed. We also added an interactive calendar, where patrons can see the current and upcoming events at the restaurant. They will always know when the Polka Kings will be taking the stage! On the backend, there is a new page-generator, which allows the client to post about the upcoming events as they happen in the calendar. There is a new and easy way to create a reservation online, which makes it easier for customers to choose a time that works best for them without having to call the restaurant directly. They can do it from the convenience of their smartphone.

For our SEO work, Bavarian Bierhaus saw increased revenues in areas that were once lacking. The proper SEO application process is important to drive as many future customers to your website as possible. Unique and user-friendly website design is what gets customers to stay on your website longer. Data shows that the longer a customer is on your website, the more apt they are to spend money (and the more money they will spend). With the new keyword system set up, there were more clicks on Google AdWords than in the past.

With a solid web design and SEO application, there is more room for increased revenue for Bavarian Bierhaus for shoppers in the Opry Mills area. The whole idea is to get as many people looking at the website as possible. With more people looking at the website, the more money is spent. Our team of experts in web development and SEO helped accomplish this, giving Bavarian Bierhaus confidence in their web presence.

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