Client Spotlight - Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

December 31, 1969

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight - Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

What is Million Dollar Cowboy Bar?

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is Wyoming’s landmark drinking and entertainment establishment located on the Town Square in the heart of Jackson Hole. Since 1937, celebrities, presidents, cowhands, as well as people from all walks of life, have enjoyed great Western fun within the walls of the world famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The Cowboy Bar is famous for its unique Western cowboy motif which is complete with a large collection of Western memorabilia including unique knobbled pine architecture, cowboy murals, animal mounts, and genuine saddles for bar stools. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is internationally famous for its Western dancing and entertainment. Some of the finest entertainers in the country Western scene have been known to take the stage here, including the following: Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr., Asleep at the Wheel, Hoyt Axton, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson, Commander Cody, and the James Cotton Blues Band. Nowadays, The Cowboy provides six days a week of live music and continues to feature local and nationally recognized bands.


What did DevDigital do for Million Dollar Cowboy Bar?

DevDigital helped us revive the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar’s online image. The previous website for the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar had been untouched for years. With new ownership, we wanted to keep the historic tradition of the Cowboy Bar while also giving it a fresh online appearance.


How was your experience building the Phase One website/product?

DevDigital has been absolutely amazing every step of the way. We contacted DevDigital after discovering their long portfolio of designing other Western bars and music venues’ websites. They have been professional and quick to respond to any issue since day 1. We are very happy with their work!


What are some lessons you learned along the way of developing your website?

Websites are an ever evolving project. The structure of our website has changed drastically from the initial draft. With so many new customer demands and technology changes, you need to be constantly testing, checking out the competition, and thinking about how you can improve the user experience.



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