Client Spotlight - Tempo Music Business Software

December 31, 1969

Posted by: Gwen Gude

Client Spotlight - Tempo Music Business Software

What is Tempo?

Tempo was founded in 2010 by Brittany Wegusen. We provide 3 cloud-based music business software solutions for booking agencies, music publishers, and tour managers. Wegusen got the idea from colleagues sharing ideas for software to streamline the music business processes from start to finish. Our goal is to streamline the music industry, so creators can spend more time doing what they love--making great music and sharing it with the world.

How Does Tempo work?

Tempo offers 3 systems:

Booking Agency Pro

Publishing Pro

Tour Management Pro

Booking Agency Pro provides a solution for booking agencies of all sizes to manage artists. The program encompasses all aspects of the booking cycle including making offers, managing contracts, tracking deposits, and business reporting such as the traditional routing sheet, an artist itinerary and more. The system allows users to email offers and contracts as a PDF to the artist's manager, venue, buyer, and agent (if so desired) right from the system. The program comes with various user access levels, including a customer view to ensure privacy of your data.

Publishing Pro is a pitching tool for publishers and songwriters to track their catalog in the ease of one application. Once songs are in the catalog, publishers can manage song’s admin information, and ownership of the song. From there the system keeps track of that song’s lifecycle. Users can "pitch" the song directly from the cloud-based system via computer, phone, or tablet in real time and then are able to track all holds, cuts, and syncs.

The Tour Management Software provides road managers and crew the ability to manage their artist's tour anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect solution for coordinating the artist, band, production, crew, and drivers, while keeping management, public relations, promoters, and record labels in the loop. Users are assigned different access roles within the system to control privacy and allow flexibility. This tour management software lets managers enter all info related to shows, rehearsals, travel, appearances, and bus calls to help with coordination.

How was your experience building your platform/product?

The music industry is constantly changing and constantly adapting. When Tempo started in 2010, we realized the need for the Booking Agency Pro platform, and then we encountered another need for the Publishing Pro platform, and finally, the Tour Pro Platform. It has been a tremendous experience for us all. It has been a very rewarding experience helping those in the music industry stay organized. We will continue to build our platforms and stay up to date with the ever-so-changing music technology world.

What are some lessons you learned along the way developing your platforms?

We have learned so much from where we started. In 2010 Tempo started out with only beta clients. We have now grown to 200+ clients across all 3 platforms. Here are some things that we've learned along the way:

Listen to your clients and take constructive feedback. One of the most beneficial things that we learned from this process is ALWAYS listen to your clients. We make it a point to see or call our clients to hear their current ideas for the software. Whenever we hire someone new at the company we always encourage them to go shadow and see our products being utilized.

User friendly is KEY. One thing we have learned from listening to clients, is you never want to overwhelm people with features. We try to keep the software simple and user friendly. Sometimes, platforms can be so robust that small companies become intimidated.

Make it Fun: At Tempo we love what we do. We love hearing how much our software has helped others and love our clients. Most of our customers have been with us since we started in 2010. We invest in our clients and enjoy working with them as we continue to develop our platforms.

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