Client Spotlight - Time Miner

September 14, 2020

Posted by: Grant Owens

Client Spotlight - Time Miner


What is Time Miner?

Time Miner is a mobile app designed for professionals who bill for their time and use their smartphones to talk and text with clients. Prior to Time Miner, the only way to keep up with your billable time on your smartphone was to make real-time notes, scroll through your phone records at billing time, or later try to remember the calls and texts you had with your clients. Time Miner eliminates those ineffective and inconvenient methods to save you time.

How Does Time Miner work?

To begin using the app, simply add your clients to Time Miner, and the app will find your past calls and texts with your clients on demand. Time Miner also produces a report that sorts the data by client including the following: when the calls occurred, how long they lasted, and how much the call is worth, based on your hourly rate. There’s no longer a need to keep up with your billable time on your smartphone as you go- Time Miner goes back and finds it all for you, whenever you’re ready.


The Time Miner Team

How was your experience building the Phase One platform/product?

There was definitely a learning curve! We were surprised to learn how much we didn’t know about development, but the DevDigital team created a dialogue that helped us drill down to the details of our vision. Our goal was to create a product that was easy as possible to use, without sacrificing any functionality. It’s one thing to throw ideas up in the air, but another to actually take those ideas and turn them into a working product that addresses a real need. Communication between us and DevDigital was great, and that’s the most important factor in keeping things moving forward.

What are some lessons you learned along the way of developing your app?

Two of the biggest lessons we learned along the way of launching Time Miner was to assume nothing and don’t try to bite off too much at once! It’s easy to get excited and lose focus, so we found that if we had a functionality that we wanted nailed down, it was best to get that functionality working before being distracted by other ideas we had and wanted plugged in right away. It's also important to not take things personally if one of your ideas isn't viewed favorably by your co-workers or the dev team. Since we started Time Miner from scratch, we've had some great ideas and what turned out to be some dumb ideas, but the important thing is to keep things fun with an open mind and accept criticism from anyone willing to give feedback.

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