Client Spotlight Vinnin Liquors

December 1, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

Client Spotlight Vinnin Liquors

Vinnin Liquors is a Boston-area liquor distributor that also sells beer, wine, and spirits at a physical store in addition to delivering orders. This family-owned business has been serving the North Shore of Massachusetts from their 8,500-square-foot store for over 45 years.  They deliver to Boston, Beverly, Lynn, Marblehead, Saugus, and Swampscott. 

The Challenge 

Things weren’t working out between Vinnin and their former web development firm so Angela, the owner, went looking for a new company that could provide a “full-service experience” versus just creating and handing over a site.  

As an eCommerce company, a do-it-yourself approach was out of the question. A customized template would never work either. Not only did Angela need a custom site, but she also needed a hosting and development partner. As Vinnin Liquors grew and changed, she needed a company that could be flexible in doing design work and more.  

The owner, Angela, interviewed several web development firms that she found online, before selecting DevDigital. She initially worked with Grant Owens (now a Senior Sales Consultant) on the new site. She liked how we could do anything she needed done, at a reasonable cost. Angela told DevDigital that Grant has been easy to work with and highly responsive early on. She liked how he stayed in the loop even after a new Project Manager (Andy Simmons) took over. 

Any software development project will face some challenges. The Vinnin site was no exception. Angela liked the company’s ability to respond at once and sort out the development challenges.  

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced Vinnin to adjust their business model. They started to focus on alcohol deliveries in and around Swampscott. DevDigital’s SEO team helped them rank highly for “alcohol delivery” and “alcohol delivery near Boston,” which caused their sales to skyrocket when they might have plummeted.  

The DevDigital Difference 

The one thing she really liked was how DevDigital offered her the ability to do anything she wanted. Her web development plans weren’t restricted by a certain technology or by the limits of a website template.  

In addition to that design flexibility, she liked the search engine optimization (SEO) work and the reporting that DevDigital offered. Search engine optimization is a process of making a website easier to find. In practice, this involves using some keyword research and site design to help a business earn higher rankings in search engine results. Most of this work happens on a website, with things like page titles, page descriptions, and page content.  

Angela likes having a full-service partner who was growing with her company. Our fully customized web development service offers the flexibility she needed to take on constant change in her business environment. She’s been pleased with the ongoing SEO work that DevDigital has delivered. The regular reporting on her SEO has been most helpful too.  

More Than Web Design and Hosting 

Our relationship with Vinnin began with web development work and moved on to additional SEO services this year. In October, we started writing blog posts and publishing them. These blogs share information while pointing users to specific pages on the Vinnin Liquors website. Links from quality sites are a factor in search engine ranking, so these posts help to keep Vinnin higher up in search engine results.  

The other marketing tactic we’ve used to help Vinnin is posting to Google My Business. This service allows a business owner to publish short blurbs about their products or events at their business. These posts can also include a link to whatever page is most relevant to the text.  

DevDigital has completed over 2,500 technology development projects across a wide range of industries, helping customers tackle numerous design and technology challenges. If you need custom website development work, please contact us to learn more about our process. 

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