Demos' Restaurant Reaches Milestone

August 15, 2016

Posted by: DevDigital

Demos' Restaurant Reaches Milestone

Longtime client, Demos’ Restaurant has reached a milestone this month. The restaurant is known for their delicious food, including their famous bread. The restaurant has recently announced that their cheese bread will be available for purchase in select Walmart stores in the Middle Tennessee area.

Demos’ Restaurant has prided itself on providing customers with the best quality food along with memorable experiences—and now these customers can experience the magic of Demos’ food right from their own homes! The Demos family has succeeded in creating dining experiences that attract loyal customers and with their cheese bread now being available in stores, loyal customers and new customers alike will be able to create new memories around the dinner table. What once was only available at a Demos’ Restaurant will now be available in the homes of customers.

This milestone comes as a huge announcement for the restaurant and poises the company for continued growth and success. DevDigital has had the privilege of working with the Demos family to create their website. We are proud and excited for all that is to come for the Demos’ brand.

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