DevDigital Celebrates 8th Anniversary

July 11, 2016

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DevDigital Celebrates 8th Anniversary

DevDigital was founded in 2008 by Peter Marcum and Mitch Ballard. What began as a small web development company with three employees and a few customers has grown into a global operation. Throughout the course of the past eight years, DevDigital has grown to over 850 clients and has over 75 employees in both Nashville, Tennessee and Baroda, Gujarat (India). DevDigital is a full service digital firm with clients ranging from small mom-and-pop companies to top global corporations.

To celebrate the growth and success of DevDigital, we opened our doors to clients, family, and friends on Thursday, June 30th. The evening consisted of networking amongst clients, celebratory conversations amongst colleagues and a unified sense of belief in the DevDigital mission of simplifying and enhancing our client’s lives through the use of technology. About 150 people joined us for the evening’s celebration and food was provided by Culinary Hunter Gatherer.

The 8th Anniversary Party was a time of reflection, celebration, and excitement for the future. At DevDigital, our clients become like family and it brings us a great amount of satisfaction to see a room full of happy clients. As we’ve seen eight successful years of DevDigital, we anticipate more stories of success, accomplishment, and innovation in the years to come. Thank you to our clients, friends and family for your continued support!!

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Sanjay Vyas

July 12, 2016

Way to go team...DevDigital rocks.. !!

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