DevDigital Creates Compelling LMS Case Study

March 28, 2017

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital Creates Compelling LMS Case Study

DevDigital is committed to providing the most efficient practices in the industry. As we embark on the development of Learning Management Systems (LMS) for clients, our team has developed a case study that utilizes a 7-step model to not only increase efficiency beyond industry standards, but also outline the ways our company uses process improvement to benefit clients.

The 7 Step Problem Solving Model has been used as the standard approach toward improvement. Ritesh Pancholi has taken the lead on developing and implementing this case study. The case study was created to analyze how we can improve upon our methods for digitizing and onboarding educational content into an LMS for the benefit of clients as well as DevDigital processes.

Our team decided to carry out this case study out of a desire to better serve those we work with. Our global team is committed to bringing the best solutions to our clients. Through our findings, we have been able to minimize wasted resources and maximize results while creating and implementing successful Learning Management Systems. Our approach is to continuously analyze and improve upon our methods, as well as industry standards. Innovation is at the core of our guiding philosophy and we couldn’t be more proud to share that our team is on the cutting edge of LMS development. If you are interested in learning more about our team's LMS experience, contact us today!

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