DevDigital developer thrives in C# Corner contributions

June 24, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital developer thrives in C# Corner contributions


        At DevDigital, it’s not hard to see that our development team has quite the impressive portfolio of technological skills. They’re the reason why we’ve been able to develop award-winning custom software for over 10 years and will continue to do so moving forward.

        But it’s not just their work at DevDigital that’s turning heads. One of our developers, Ankit Kanojia, was recently highlighted as a community leader by C# Corner for his contributions. 

        Kanojia has been involved with C# Corner since 2015, a global social community where IT professors and developers discuss software topics through a variety of mediums, such as articles, blogs, videos, and forums.

       “My (superiors) asked me to join this community. On the initial stage, I get some help from this community, as they provided such tremendous support for IT solutions,” Kanojia said.

        After joining, Kanojia immediately began submitting his contributions to help out those who were looking for solutions on a plethora of software topics. He would regularly submit blog posts and articles on React, an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Kanojia provided his insight for an audience that stretched across the world based on his work on React projects through DevDigital.

       “I've had a strong grip on the JavaScript end, and DevDigital allows me to research work on any new technology. I came to know that React is a highly recommended JavaScript framework in the market nowadays, so I learned it by myself and through working on React projects through DevDigital,” Kanojia said.

        As Kanojia began to contribute his articles and blogs on React, he began to get recognition from his C# Corner peers for his efforts. So much so, that he was recently ranked as one of the top 600 contributors out of three million. 

        The ranking is based on an internal ranking system, where C# Corner awards points to contributors based on what content they provide. For example, a blog post awards a contributor 25 points, and an article is worth 100 points. 500 points are also awarded to MVP profiles after a certain number of contributions are submitted and if they get a certain number of views.

       “For the last few years, I have posted 17 articles, four blogs, etc. Based on my contribution, (C# Corner) provided me the points, and evaluated my profile among the millions of developers in the world. Recently, I've published a few articles related to React, which got many views. Based on those interactions or contributions toward their community, they gave me an MVP award in March.  I feel very honored and happy to be rewarded, and the appreciation from C# corner,” Kanojia said.

        Kanojia encourages all developers to join global online communities like C# Corner to help hone their skills and learn new ones by reading up on contributed articles and blogs such as his. 

       “Not just in React, but general technical skill,” said Kanojia.

       “All young developers should not stick with only one platform. Every company should encourage every developer to make these kinds of contributions. There are many communities that provide free support or the best solutions for our IT problems. They should be connected to those communities, and then later provide contributions similar to mine, which can help them to survive in a real competitive world and make them next level talented developers.”

       “There are a few communities (Stackoverflow, GitHub, C# Corner, LinkedIn) every developer should do contributions for, or should be connected with those communities. I currently work in all these communities and provide my contribution to each one.”


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