DevDigital hosts mobile app development webinar

October 15, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital hosts mobile app development webinar

DevDigital hosted a webinar called "Mobile Apps: Concept to Reality."

In this webinar, we feature DevDigital Senior Project Consultant Grant Owens and Time Miner Co-Founder Sean Martin. They discuss how Time Miner approached DevDigital with their idea, DevDigital's solution, and the process of building the platform. A short Q & A session follows after their discussion, where attendees ask both Sean and Grant their questions about mobile app development

Time Miner is an app that allows users to create billable time entries through email, phone calls, texts, and other various communication platforms, allowing them to "mine" logged time for billable purposes. Time Miner has been a DevDigital client since 2016 and continues to rely on DevDigital on updates for their mobile app and website. 

Mobile Apps: Concept to Reality: Watch OnDemand

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