DevDigital is Now a Member of Google’s Media Partnership Team

November 17, 2015

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Posted by: Hunter Williams

DevDigital is Now a Member of Google’s Media Partnership Team

We are happy to announce that we've been chosen to be a member of Google's Media Partnership Team. This new initiative that works with select mobile application developers to design user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns across Google networks. Google has chosen to partner with DevDigital to offer our mobile clients a high touch team that offers exclusive access to betas, free builds, optimizations and account analysis to high potential apps. Having Google as a member of our team significantly increases our mobile application servicing capacity in terms of offering the support to clients wishing to insure that their mobile app gets the highest adoption.

The Google Media Partnership Team will work with our high growth potential apps that are interested in taking advantage of the Google ad networks as a means of acquiring new users. In short, the team will build out campaigns for our clients designed to get them new installs below their desired target Cost per Install that they set. The Google team will also assign DevDigital clients a permanent Account Strategist to help optimize results as they go, and schedule regular phone calls with them to discuss the account.

This is a significant value proposition for new and existing mobile application clients. Having the best local mobile developer available to build your application or upgrade your existing one, plus having the marketing power of Google and their teams to insure the app reaches the intended audience. This is the best of both worlds for any client and we are happy to be part of this offering. Given the rise of significance of mobile it would seem that any and all businesses would want to insure their business is optimized for mobile adoption and available for access by the masses.

This arrangement is available to both existing and new mobile application clients with either IOS or Android mobile applications. To find out more, please contact Hunter Williams at

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Rahul Upadhyay

November 20, 2015

This is awesome!

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