DevDigital launches Kalatech, its Music Business Software Division.

April 24, 2014

Posted by: Brittany

DevDigital launches Kalatech, its Music Business Software Division.

Today, DevDigital announces they have launched kalatech, a new company to take on the rapid expansion and adoption of their music business software products. The three kalatech products are Booking Agency Pro, Publishing Pro and Tour Pro; all help facilitate valuable information needed in real-time for efficient operations management. Kalatech has seen an increase in music industry professionals behind the scenes utilizing these vital, all-inclusive digital tools to manage their artist bookings, writer catalogs and tour logistics.

Kalatech, has spent five years quietly under the radar developing their current products and growing their roster to over 40 clients. One of the first adoptees, Tony Conway, president of Conway Entertainment, LLC., understood the need for a program where data was transparent to his agents, artists, and various managers whether they were on the road or at home.

“When I left Buddy Lee Attractions and decided to start up my new agency I looked for new booking and touring software that could be customized and designed to incorporate all I had learned from the agent’s perspective,” says Conway. “Kalatech was the answer to our search. They listened and developed a complete software program that has evolved into a very impressive day-to-day operations tool for our company.”

In addition to Conway Entertainment, kalatech boasts A-list clients: Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Smack Songs, Bigger Picture, Neon Cross, Parallel Entertainment, KCA Artists (Keith Case), ARM Entertainment, and many notable others.

“The most rewarding part of working with these products is watching our clients’ processes evolve where what used to take them hours may now only take minutes. Additionally they have confidence with where their business stands because the information is accessible in real time,” says Brittany Wegusen, CEO of kalatech. “My team and I are no strangers to developing valuable technology over the last three years, creating value by closely working with our clients, listening to their feedback and observing how the operating process can be improved.”

Wegusen’s background includes working as an inventory analyst for a fortune 500 company before moving to Nashville and becoming involved with developing technology focused on the music business. Over three years ago she took over the reins of what is now kalatech and has lead the organization’s product development and client relations since the beginning. Her efforts have lead kalatech to become the premiere software solutions provider in the music industry.

Kalatech Products

Booking Pro
The Booking Agency Software provides a web-based, real time solution for booking agencies of all sizes to manage their artists. The program encompasses all aspects of the booking cycle including making offers, managing contracts, tracking deposits, and business reporting such as the traditional routing sheet, an artist itinerary and more. The system will allow you to email offers and contracts as a PDF to the artist's manager, venue, buyer, agent if so desired right from the system. The program comes with different user access levels, including a customer view to ensure privacy of your data.

Publishing Pro
The Music Publishing Software provides publishers with all the tools they need to track their songwriters and catalogs from anywhere with internet connection. Once songs are in the catalog manager, publishers can manage their song’s admin information, and ownership of the song. From there the system keeps track of that song's lifecycle. Users can "pitch" the song direct from the cloud based system via computer, phone and tablet to the person of their choice real time and from there track holds, cuts and syncs.

Tour Pro
The Tour Management Software provides road managers and crew the ability to manage their artist's tour from anywhere. It is the perfect solution for coordinating the artist, band, production, crew, and drivers, while keeping management, public relations, promoters and record labels in the loop. Users are assigned different access roles within the system to control privacy yet allow for flexibility. This tour management software lets managers enter all info related to shows, rehearsals, travel, appearances, and bus calls to help logistics.
For more information concerning kalatech or for a demo, email Melissa Hollis at


Kalatech, LLC provides real-time cloud based software to the music industry for booking agencies, music publishers and tour management professionals. Kalatech is a division of DevDigital, a top Nashville based web development firm specializing in enterprise systems and iPhone, iPad, and Android application development. For more information visit our official website.

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