DevDigital opens new location in The Bahamas

January 16, 2019

Posted by: Andy Simmons

DevDigital opens new location in The Bahamas

DevDigital, a leading software and web development company based in Nashville, TN, is pleased to announce that it has launched operations in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and will be headquartered in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. Offices in both Nassau and Freeport will service both US-based and regional clients.  

DevDigital Bahamas is looking forward to bringing its innovative software solutions to the Caribbean and has already signed clients, including Global Sun Integration and CaribNation. With the establishment of a tech hub in Freeport, DevDigital, under the guidance of Co-Founder Peter Marcum, Hank Ferguson, Burton Rodgers, and Alan Kates, is pleased to join the Government’s initiative to create and foster the growth of jobs, education and entrepreneurial opportunities, both in Freeport and The Bahamas in general. 

DevDigital Bahamas believes in building business equity with its partners and already has identified exciting opportunities in the country that will benefit all concerned. Collectively, the group has developed proprietary educational software. Beyond cutting edge education, management and learning software, the company has facilitated dozens of businesses to develop secure e-commerce platforms.

This experience, and the group’s commitment to The Bahamas, is expected to create opportunities for the employment of Bahamians and the potential for new and exciting local partnerships. In 2016, DevDigital launched Kernel Equity as a mechanism to invest in projects for education, healthcare, regulatory compliance, music and other opportunities. With this in mind, DevDigital looks forward to offering innovative ways to help grow companies that need more than just financing by providing technical knowledge, development experience and capital.

Founded in 2008, DevDigital is a full-service software developer headquartered in Nashville TN, with an office in Vadodara, India. With over 1,200 projects and counting, DevDigital provides technology services to companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 Companies.  DevDigital’s operations proudly has teams representing: PHP/.NET/JAVA development, iOS/Android development, Design, Quality Assurance, Search Engine Optimization and Project Management.

Those interested in becoming a client with DevDigital Bahamas can call (242) 810-1161 or email For more information on the company please visit

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