DevDigital's IT Director holds highest Google certification

October 5, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

DevDigital's IT Director holds highest Google certification

DevDigital IT Director Micheal Hunt recently received his certification as a Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer. The Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certification is the highest level that a user can receive from Google. 


The exam is not your typical test. Google recommends three or more years of industry experience and more than a year's worth of experience designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud Partners for professional-level certifications. 


With his certification, Hunt will be able to harness the power of Google's big data capabilities and make data-driven decisions by collecting, transforming, and visualizing data for potential clients interested in DevDigital's Google Cloud Partner Services, such as G-Suites, Kubernetes, and Firebase. 


The company hired Micheal Hunt for the role of Senior Data Architect and IT manager. As Senior Data Architect, Hunt will design schemas for DevDigital’s databases, oversee training for data access and storage, set policies, and direct Database Administrators.


Hunt is a data architect with experience in developing database solutions for critical government, defense, and corporate systems over a 24-year professional career. He has worked on projects at every level in both corporate and government projects, ensuring the smooth operation and integration of systems spanning dozens of locations with critical uptime requirements.


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