Did You Know...

May 13, 2015

Posted by: Maggie Ashworth

Did You Know...

Here at DevDigital we’ve become pretty aware of how fast things change based on technology—it’s kind of the nature of our business! One of the great things about this company is that we’re constantly learning and engaging ourselves so that we can be up to date for our clients.

On that note, I wanted to share some interesting information that addresses change in all different facets. So without further ado, here are a few facts that you may not know about!

Tempo (formerly Kalatech) has built some amazing music business software. It was founded in 2014, and has made some pretty big headway since then. I bet you didn’t know that Publishing Pro currently manages the life of over 18,000 songs, that Tour Pro streamlines the logistics for 13 tours with nearly 3,000 shows to date, and that Booking Agency Pro has helped facilitate over 85,000 offers (and counting). 

In other news at Dev, we are thrilled to be hosting NashCocktail’s event at our Nashville office. This is a great networking event for all of Nashville’s social media enthusiasts to get together, talk shop, and enjoy some free drinks. We hope you can join us for the event on Tuesday, May 26 from 6-8 pm.

With all of the changes and growth going on in Nashville, this city has really made some headway with businesses and entrepreneurs. Nashville was named the third best city for starting a new business by MSN Money, it is a top city in Forbes’ list for young entrepreneurs, and for the second year in a row, Tennessee has been named economic development “State of the Year” by Business Facilities.

Among all of these changes, did you hear about the latest news for The University of Illinois’ College of Business at Urbana-Champaign? This Top 50 US business school just announced that they have agreed to offer an entire MBA curriculum online… FOR FREE. So for those that have considered furthering their educations but have worried about the financial commitment, this means big things. Learn More…

And if you still don’t believe me about rapid changes, you should really read LinkedIn Influencer Peter Diamandis’ “10 years of change: Before We Became Addicted to YouTube and Facebook.” It’s a phenomenal then-and-now recap that shows just how far technology and social media have come in the last ten years. I’ll bet you didn’t know that ten years ago the first video was uploaded to YouTube, and today they have over a billion users. Every minute three hundred hours of video are uploaded on the site!

Hope you enjoyed these tidbits. I’ll have plenty more for you next month!

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