Employee Spotlight – Chief Technology Officer Micheal Hunt

August 15, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Employee Spotlight – Chief Technology Officer Micheal Hunt

This month’s employee spotlight focuses on DevDigital’s Chief Technology Officer, Micheal Hunt. Before taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he worked as the Director of IT in our Vadodara, India office for almost 3 years. Micheal is an Air Force veteran with a long history in the IT industry prior to joining DevDigital.

Before DevDigital

Michael has experience both in the military and in civilian information technology roles.

Before joining DevDigital in March of 2019, Micheal worked as a Data Architect with Essex Technology Group, another of (DevDigital co-founder) Peter Marcum’s companies. They operate the Bargain Hunt stores, which buy overstock and clearance merchandise. Micheal was the Senior Data Architect and development lead. Before that, he worked for 2 years as a Senior Database Developer at GS5, LLC. They are a Falls Church, Virginia company specializing in program management for government contracts.

Before that, he spent 12 years in the United States Air Force where he designed and developed data management systems used for managing and reporting on the maintenance of critical munitions systems at multiple Air Force bases. He holds a Google Cloud Data Engineer certification. That’s in addition to training by the Air Force, and coursework completed at several schools over the years.

Two Major Roles at DevDigital

He joined DevDigital in March of 2019 as the Director of IT for our Vadodara, India operation. He became Chief Technology Officer in December of 2021. Here is what he said about working at DevDigital over the past few years:

“My favorite thing about DevDigital has to be the people. I have had an opportunity to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds in various specialties. I work with great people here in Nashville and on our team in India. A close second to that is the variety of projects that we tackle in a myriad of verticals. We get a peek into dozens of different industries and get the opportunity to learn alongside industry experts to make their days more productive and their clients happier.”

In addition, here is what Micheal said about the great aspects of working at DevDigital:

“My proudest moment comes each and every time I get the opportunity to recognize one of our team for their accomplishments. Whether it is a 10-year plaque or an award for excellence in service of our clients or their next major industry certification, I work with some of the best.”

Outside of work, Micheal enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling. He likes anything that gives him a chance to experience new things. He also rides a motorcycle.

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