Flash no longer supported by Adobe in 2021

December 1, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Flash no longer supported by Adobe in 2021

Adobe announced earlier this year that it would be discontinuing support for Flash at the end of 2020.

What exactly does this mean? Websites and applications can continue to implement Flash, which may function normally. However, because Adobe decided to discontinue the support, if a site’s Flash capabilities break down, there will be no way of repairing it, and all updates for Flash will cease. Additionally, a website with Flash may not be compatible with many devices and browsers. 

So why is Adobe discontinuing Flash? According to a release sent out by Flash earlier this year, “As open standards like HTML5, WebGL and WebAssembly have matured over the past several years, most now provide many of the capabilities and functionalities that plugins pioneered and have become a viable alternative for content on the web. Over time, we’ve seen helper apps evolve to become plugins, and more recently, have seen many of these plugin capabilities get incorporated into open web standards. Today, most browser vendors are integrating capabilities once provided by plugins directly into browsers and deprecating plugins.”

There are options and more viable solutions to replace Flash, and they will perform better on devices and browsers, ensuring your content is delivered.

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