Four ways to enhance your website during COVID-19

April 17, 2020

Posted by: DevDigital

Four ways to enhance your website during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect and social distancing in place, businesses have had to adapt new strategies in order to cope with the economic impact the virus is having on the United States, and the world for that matter.

One thing a business can do during these times is ramp-up its web presence. So many business owners are stuck at home in front of their computers, and not able to go out and do face-to-face business. Now is the perfect opportunity to enhance your website, helping you in the short-run while there are a plethora of online goers, as well as in the long-run moving forward by building your web audience. 


Below are a few examples of how you can enhance your web presence during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Look into areas where you think your site could improve

Take a look at your website and think to yourself, “What about this could be better?” It could be as something as simple as changing up the color scheme and rearranging the navigation bar, or something a bit more complex like upgrading the language your site was written in, or shifting over to a new content management system. 


2. Key in on pages that are seeing plenty of traction

Now that there’s a ton of web traffic circulating with folks stuck at home, it’s time to look in and see what pages your visitors are going to most after visiting your landing page. Is it your shop page? Your work page that shows off examples of your projects? Your blog? Keying in on these pages will help you identify where most of your visitors are trying to find out about you and your site, and thus help with your online strategies. 


3. Create modules that benefit the growth of your business

Implementing a new module to your site can positively impact your business. For example, our friends at Vinnin Liquors were experiencing a heavy flow of customer traffic and delivery orders over the past few weeks. To help with their delivery drivers, we added a gratuity feature to their checkout page so that delivery drivers could get tipped accordingly. 


4. Increase the amount of content you would normally produce and stay connected with your audience virtually

Online traffic is obviously up, so now is also the time to spruce up the content on your site and stay connected to your audience. Some ways to do that include, but are not limited to: writing more blogs, increase your social media presence by increasing the number of posts you add to your socials each week, updating photos on the site, reviewing your PAL (phone, address, location), and, as mentioned above, create new features on your website that will benefit both yourself and your audience. 

These are just a few examples to help get you started. Interested in learning more about how we can help enhance your web presence? Reach out to us here.





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