How to make the most of your Metatags

September 6, 2019

Posted by: DevDigital

How to make the most of your Metatags

Ever wonder how search engines populate results for keywords that are searched for in an online search? The answer to your question lies in a website’s meta tags.

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page's content. Meta tags don't appear on the page itself, but only in the page's code. They are part of the HTML tags that describe a page’s content to search engines and website visitors.

Every website on the internet is comprised of various keywords and descriptions. Those keywords and descriptions are picked up by search engines to help fill search engine pages.


So how crucial are meta tags for your online visibility? They certainly do play an important part in your search engine optimization. Search engines read these meta tags in order to compare if the keywords and descriptions on your website match up to the content that is displayed. These aren’t necessarily the make-or-break factor on where a website will rank on a search engine, but still play a factor in your search visibility.

For example, if you’re a bar on Broadway in Nashville, you’re going to want to include a plethora of keywords in your meta tags that describe your location (Downtown, Nashville, Broadway, etc.) and also make your location unique from others.


It’s important to also be mindful of not overloading meta tags, because search engines only read up to a certain amount of characters. Therefore, only choose the key words you really believe will make an impact on your search results and you believe people are searching that would make the most of your visibility online.

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