Hunt Brothers Develops Mobile App

February 24, 2017

Posted by: DevDigital

Hunt Brothers Develops Mobile App

Hunt Brothers® Pizza is a family owned pizza chain that has over 7,300 locations across 28 states. As the leading convenience store pizza brand, Hunt Brothers Pizza has partnered with DevDigital to create a mobile app that allows consumers to find the nearest pizza location.

DevDigital has been working with the Hunt Brothers team to develop an app for iPhone and Android devices. The mobile app will allow consumers to log on and find the nearest Hunt Brothers location. The app will also enable users to access the menu and provide feedback on their experiences. As technology becomes an increasingly important part of the consumer experience, Hunt Brothers Pizza is making sure that their consumers will be able to eat Hunt Brothers Pizza as often as they like—no matter where they are across the country. To learn more about Hunt Brother’s Pizza, visit their website.

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