Learn How an SSL Certificate Can Improve Your Website Quality

April 28, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

Learn How an SSL Certificate Can Improve Your Website Quality

What is an SSL certificate?

In order to create a secure connection over the web, an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate needs to purchased and installed on a website.

The SSL certificate allows a web browser and a webserver to communicate in a secure manner (encrypted communication). In order to allow a secure connection, the certificate activates a padlock and the HTTPS protocol. It provides authentication to the website in order to guarantee visitors a secure experience. It encrypts the data that is getting transmitted to and fro, so that any passwords, addresses, credit card details, financial information, or personal details cannot be intentionally accessed by anyone other than the intended recipient.

An SSL certification is a necessity for privacy in communication or when a user might have to prove identity trust in private communication through the website. An SSL is also used to secure credit card transaction details, data transfers, and logins credentials. 


Types of SSL certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates available, based on the ownership of domain and subdomains names. It can be a single, wildcard, or multi-domain, based on the level of validation that is required. A single SSL secures one fully-qualified domain name or subdomain name, whereas a multi-domain can secure multiple domain names. An individual or organization with one domain name along with unlimited subdomains can opt for a wildcard SSL.  Keep in mind, buying multiple SSL certificates for each of the services and managing multiple certificates will not always be cost-effective.


Know the validation type

Everything depends on the type of validation that is required by the domain owner. The user may need domain validation (basic encryption and verification of the domain name registration ownership). Additionally, there is organization validation. Along with basic encryption and verification, certain details of the owner (name, address, etc.) are authenticated in this. Along with these, you also get extended validation (EV) SSL, which provides a high degree of security, which is based on a thorough examination before this certificate is issued. In addition to ownership of the domain name registration and entity authentication, the legal, physical and operational existence of the entity is also verified.

Securing SSL certificate is the easiest thing a website owner can do to boost its SEO ranking. Search engines will boost your website ranking for having an SSL certificate. This applies to all sites, whether they have personal or organizational information. DevDigital requires all of its sites to have an SSL certificate as part of its web development process. Learn more about our process

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