LMS: What You Should Know

January 25, 2017

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LMS: What You Should Know

E-learning has become an increasingly popular delivery method for education and training. Harvard Business School studies have identified online learning as one of the "disruptive innovations” of the 21st Century. Research on disruptive innovations indicates that, initially, such innovations fill a niche for those who are not served well or at all by the present system, even though in early phases the quality of such innovations is often poor. However, as demand grows over time and as the quality of such disruptive innovations is improved, their adoption increases—following a logistic curve, or s-curve (Christensen et al., 2008; Rogers, 2003). 

Based on data on the growth of online learning from the North American Council of Online learning and U.S. Department of Education statistics, Christensen et al. (2008) predict that 50% of high school courses will be offered online by 2019. Read that again!

The eLearning market is growing at an unprecedented rate. eLearning revenues reached an incredible $51.5 billion in 2016. DevDigital is proud to say that we are heavily invested in this emerging marketplace and currently deploying numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS) for both private and public sector offerings involving thousands of participants all over North America and beyond.

We have been able to engage with the top publishers of educational content in the United States for courses designed for grades K-12 and College Offerings from BA through MBA's. Additionally, there is a growing market of content for corporate development aimed at industry specific skills enhancement. This is done by giving corporations the opportunity to custom design training and educational content to enable employees to enhance their skills, their knowledge and their professional credentials. This helps them to advance their careers and increase productivity. The possibilities and rewards are truly endless.

Some of the best designed Learning Management Systems…

  • -Allow course creators to implement video into their online courses
  • -Offer the latest mobile learning options
  • -Provide individual learning paths that help employees get promoted quickly
  • -Allow for the inclusion of gamification in online training's to enhance participation  
  • -Gain insightful data that provides keen insight into user participation, grading, length of time engaged by subject matter, time of day engaged, etc.


And many more custom features…

If you'd like to see first-hand some of the Learning Management Systems built by DevDigital or learn how this kind of technology can serve your customer, employees, or students feel free to call us and come in to experience the latest innovation in learning systems.

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