MaxxContent and Vanderbilt's Business School Collaboration

December 31, 1969

Posted by: Peter Marcum

MaxxContent and Vanderbilt's Business School Collaboration

We are proud of our MaxxContent team for partnering with Vanderbilt University’s Accelerator Project. This program provides college students and recent graduate students with real world application practices combined with their classroom learning experience during this four-week certificate program. MaxxContent, known for their E-Books and Learning Management Software, is aiming to enter the college textbook market. So, the task for the Accelerator teams was to strategize a plan to make the textbook buying process easier and less time-consuming for college students. The teams presented many digital-based solutions ranging from digital book loans to gamification to virtual classroom applications. Also, the teams provided many ideas for marketing strategies ranging from Instagram and Facebook campaigns to having student brand ambassadors at freshman orientation. Overall, this was a great experience for our MaxxContent team who were all extremely impressed by the presentations. Peter Marcum said it best when speaking to the Accelerator teams: “You truly thought outside of the box… Kudos to all of you for your help and inspiration.” Check out the article that Vanderbilt published! Click Here!

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