Profit Sense

April 27, 2017

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Profit Sense

Doug Tatum serves as a member of the Teaching Faculty at the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University. A few years ago, Doug asked his entrepreneurship class to vote for one of the following definitions of "Profit":

  1. Profit is the amount your customers knowingly provide, above the company’s cost, for the value they receive.
  2. Profit is the amount a company extracts from their customers to their disadvantage, without their knowledge.

Shockingly, over two-thirds of the class voted for #2. Since then, Doug participated in a nationwide research project, asking business employees the same question. It’s highly probable that the majority of your employees, if given the opportunity, would also choose #2.

Doug had the idea of creating an online tool to teach students and employees about what it means to be profitable. He came up with the idea of Profit Sense and turned to Peter Marcum and MaxxContent’s Learning Management System (LMS) to make his ideas a reality. Profit Sense provides short engaging eLearning experiences for your employees that creatively define profit, its value, and actionable steps that produce it.

A few features of Profit Sense:

  • - The online learning platform fosters deep comprehension instead of simple understanding
  • - The platform encourages anonymous interaction inspiring freedom of expression
  • - Simple User Interface (UI) that enables employees to focus on the class and concepts
  • - Detailed analytics reporting for you on student progress and interaction throughout the class
  • - Ability to track progress using pre and post tests to measure fluency in specific concepts.
  • - Certificates automatically issued to students who meet the class requirements.
  • - Motivate interaction with corporate rewards for badges employees/students earn.
  • - Profit Sense branded to your company with your own welcome video, logo and branding.


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