Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing: Don’t Get Caught in 2023 Without It!

November 23, 2022

Posted by: DevDigital

Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing: Don’t Get Caught in 2023 Without It!

Without a doubt, the business and retail worlds are undergoing rapid change, and it is up to each business to keep up with marketing trends or be left behind. In order to find new marketing and sales strategies, brands must adapt to the current environment. Traditional forms of marketing are less effective than they once were, and those utilizing digital marketing may overlook key strategies that can boost performance and results even further. 

Social media advertising has evolved into a highly efficient conversion technique. For the remainder of 2022 and going into 2023, ecommerce companies that want to drive sales are utilizing paid social ads to get in front of their ideal customers.

The advantages of social media marketing significantly outweigh any disadvantages. Social ads are incredibly targeted, connected to your company's profile, and can be used to achieve a variety of marketing objectives, such as building brand recognition or boosting sales. 

If you might be interested in advertising on these platforms for your business or yourself but are on the fence about whether you actually need to, we're here to put any uncertainties to rest. Let's dig deeper into how to promote your business with social media advertising. 

First, Let’s Get Clear About Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Paid Social Ads are exactly how they’re described. Simply put, they are advertisements that are placed on social media platforms. In most cases, they will have a title and a description, usually accompanied by a multimedia component (a video, picture, or linked product item, etc.). Advertisements on social media that are successful also include a "call to action," (CTA) which is meant to attract the attention of users and encourage them to engage with the advertiser's business, product, or service.

Paid Social Ads can be published in various formats, depending on the social media platforms you choose. Although there are numerous ways to create an advertisement, social media advertising isn't all that dissimilar from advertisements that appear on search engines, like Google Ads. The primary distinction is that social media marketing is more visually dynamic, can be significantly more targeted, and can be conducted on various platforms using different methods and strategies. That might seem like a mouthful to take in, but we promise it is not. Once you understand what social media marketing can do for you and how it can benefit your business, you will not want to wait any longer to start your campaign.

Eliminate Trial and Error: Here’s Why You Should Be Leveraging Social Media Advertising

1. Social media offers a wide range of platforms and advertising formats

Social media advertising has the advantage of having something to offer everyone. Use Facebook to connect with adults in their middle years and older. There is TikTok if you want to target Gen Zs; even the content of it can be broken down. Try using Instagram or Pinterest if your ads rely heavily on aesthetic appeal (millennials). Whatever your objectives, a social media platform probably exists to help you achieve them.

2. Your website or landing page receives targeted traffic from social media platforms

One of the most crucial metrics for gauging the effectiveness of your advertising campaign is click-through. According to reports, click-through rates are rising across all social media platforms. Facebook, for example, saw a quarter-over-quarter increase in click-through rates from 0.18 percent in Q1 to 0.36 percent in Q4 (2013 statistics.) During the same period, ad engagement also improved as advertisers got more savvy and social media platforms enhanced targeting capabilities and the desktop and mobile user experiences.

3. Social media advertising allows you to connect with potential customers who actually need and may benefit from your service or product

Fifty-six percent of online adults use a relatively diverse range of social networks, which is defined as using more than one of the five social media platforms measured in the survey, according to a 2016 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. Additionally, since social media is used by 65% of American adults, it is advantageous for your brand to be present there.

Simply put, raising awareness is the first step in closing a sale, so you should advertise where people are most likely to see it. Think of it like this: products are available to reduce or lessen a person's pain and enhance their quality of life. Advertising this pain-reducing product or service enables you to remind customers about their unmet needs; however, the first step is locating them, and that location is social media.  

4. Social media marketing (SMM) offers an excellent return on investment (ROI)

In comparison to other advertising strategies, social media ads are relatively inexpensive. You can also choose to set your budget as high or low as you like. This suggests that you could spend some of your budget on social media ads without going overboard. Getting traffic is quick, simple, and affordable with social media. 

Go Where Everybody (Will) Know Your Name

The truth of the matter is that the show Cheers was right... “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name” and that place is social media.

Social media advertising is quickly setting the stage as the new standard, and it's easy to see why: it provides numerous advantages for advertisers, like the ability to reach specific consumer targets and; more importantly, the desired return on investment. 

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Get in contact with DevDigital to find out what social media marketing can do for you and your company right now. We're here to help!

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