Rural Physician Partners

October 25, 2016

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Rural Physician Partners

Rural Physician Partners (RPP) is committed to enhancing healthcare in micropolitan communities by partnering with physicians to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients. RPP is committed to offering its partnering physicians those services that will best enhance the care provided to their patients. These services will be coordinated and integrated with the physician’s electronic medical records systems (EMR) in a way that enables them to provide more efficient and effective care than they otherwise would. DevDigital built the software that was designed to preserve and improve the quality of care in rural communities throughout the country.

RPP defines specific needs and offers direct solutions that utilize technology:


Rural communities are home to 30 percent of the American population, but just 12 percent of primary care physicians and 14 percent of hospitals. As a result, America’s rural residents are underserved in their healthcare needs.

Like their metropolitan-based peers, rural physicians face many challenges in maintaining a successful practice:

  • Reduction in traditional reimbursements
  • Looming reimbursements of 25 percent
  • Growing population of boomers to serve
  • Increased administrative costs


Rural Physician Partners offers rural physicians the ability to participate in group purchasing of ancillary services for the practices and patients they serve.

Rural Physician Partners has created a means by which micropolitan physicians can participate in additional earnings through ownership in providers of ancillary services such as:

  • Pharmacy
  • Lab services
  • Sleep programs
  • Diabetes supplies

DevDigital built the software to enable RPP and their partners to care for their practices and patients in the most effective way. Visit their website here.


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December 22, 2016

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