SEO WordPress Plugins For 2021

January 27, 2021

Posted by: DevDigital

SEO WordPress Plugins For 2021

WordPress is an open-source platform that allows anyone to create websites with dozens of free customizable designs and templates. The platform isn’t restricted under copyright or trademark and is freely available for anyone to download and modify. 


Whether you are starting a new business or are looking to grow your organization’s online presence, WordPress is super functional, easy to use, and offers many different plugins to enhance your site. However, just because you built a great website, doesn’t mean you’re going to show up on the search engines or gain a bunch of traffic to your site. Unfortunately, the saying, “If you build it, they will come,” is not entirely true when trying to rank. 


We are living in the digital age, and websites can no longer afford to ignore search engine optimization. In order to drive organic traffic to your website, it is necessary to perform ongoing audits, research, and on-page and off-page optimization. Luckily, WordPress offers many free plugins that can improve your success on the web. 


Here are five WordPress plugins we recommend to help bolster your SEO efforts. 


1. Yoast SEOYoast SEO is a search engine optimization plug-in for WordPress. It is the best tool that helps you to optimize your post and make it SEO friendly. The Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy for your site to achieve the utmost technical SEO standards. Yoast SEO has helped out millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines. Yoast SEO assists you to optimize your content for keywords, phrases, synonyms, related keywords.


2. RankMath: Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin will help you rank higher in search engines. Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress that constructs it effortlessly for anyone to optimize their content with built-in guidances based on widely-accepted foremost practices. Simple custom-make prime SEO settings, control which pages are indexable, and how you want your website to look in search with Structured data.


3. SEO Squirrly: Squirrly SEO puts a fully developed SEO platform inside your WordPress website. Squirrly SEO gives personalized routes (tells you exactly what to focus on) to rank each page in the TOP 10 of Google. SEO Plugin by Squirrly will help you search the correct keywords to rank by, in less than 2 minutes, and searches for your on-page SEO in real-time. 


4. All-In-One SEO Package: If you’re searching for a WordPress SEO plugin, then you will likely come across All-in-One SEO Package, since it is one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever made (over 27 million downloads). The All in One SEO plugin was created to assist you to optimize your WordPress website and its content for search engines — growing the chances of your website being found when users search for products you’ve written about.


5. All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets: All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets is used to markup pages/posts with rich snippets. It provides search engines only the exact details to display in search result snippets. All-In-One Schema Rich Snippets is the finest leading free rich snippets plugin.

An SEO plugin is essential for each site owner. These amazing extensions will help you position articles in search engine results which can help you grow your business and connect with multiple people. In today’s world of SEO, you need to lower your bounce rate and increase the amount of time that users spend on your site. We at Devdigital, can help you with plugins like these. Regular website maintenance will keep your website fresh for your returning visitors and even the state of your website plays a huge role in your SEO strategy.

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